Sierre Golf Club

The setting and the route:

The Golf Club de Sierre has, like all golf courses, 18 holes and extends over 55 hectares. You will enjoy your Golf Club in an ideal setting as it is bordered by the Rhône, the village of Les Granges and the protected area of Pouta-Fontana. The Golf Club of Sierre is also very accessible as it is close to the Sion - Grônes cantonal road.

The Golf Club of Sierre was built in two stages. The first was designed by the architects Maurice Bembridge and Michel Zufferey. As for the second stage, the architects Alain Dehaye and Jean-Claude Renggli are the authors. The particularity of the construction of this Golf Club is the collaboration of each architect with the services of the State and the ecological associations. Indeed, their goal was to create a Golf respectful of the environment. Thus, the fauna and flora are particularly preserved.

While following this route, you will not fail to be impressed by the various points of view of a great richness. Also note that if you love the fauna, flora and nature, you will certainly be in your element at this Golf Club.

A golf club open to all:

You can easily register at the Golf Club of Sierre, whatever your level. Indeed, whether you are junior, male or female, this will also be possible since all sections are proposed within the latter. Whether you are a beginner or rather an experienced player, you will easily find your place at the Golf Club of Sierre...

If you are interested in learning to play golf, it will also be possible to take lessons with the two teachers present. Indeed, you will be able to choose several formulas, opting for a lesson per hour or a pack of 15 lessons for beginners. Other formulas exist for adults, but also for groups and companies. If you prefer a golf course, then you can also train intensively at the Golf Club of Sierre.

The facilities:

The Golf Club of Sierre offers you a club house where you can enjoy dishes and dishes that will certainly delight your taste buds. It is also possible to simply go to the bar for a drink before resuming your round.

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to purchase some golf accessories at your Club House boutique. This will give you, for example, the opportunity to improve your collection of golf clubs.

Contacts and reservations :

Book at Golf Club de Sierre directly on their website.

You can also contact the team by phone +41 27 458 49 58 for more information.

Find all the information on their website: https: //www.golfsierre.ch/.


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